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Skyline Parkway near Enger reopens

A portion of Skyline Parkway is now open to vehicular traffic.

West Skyline Parkway and Hank Jensen Drive from Twin Ponds to Enger Park Golf Course was supposed to remain closed so that pedestrians and bikers alike could enjoy the larger space to recreate, however due to continued issues of barricades and sandbags being thrown off of Skyline Parkway, the city has made the decision to reopen this portion of Skyline ahead of the June 1 reopening.

The other closures that have been in place since last fall will remain closed until June 1 as planned. Those closures include:

. A half-mile section of Lincoln Park Drive

. A one-mile section of Seven Bridges Road in Lakeside/Lester Park

Published in Breaking City of Duluth

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