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Swim Creative leadership team judges American Advertising Federation Awards competitions

Every year advertising agencies big and small across the country enter their best work of the year into a competition called the ADDYs (American Advertising Federation Awards). This year, three people from Swim Creative’s team were judges in this historic competition.

. CEO and Creative Director Patrice Bradley (pictured) judged the competition in Orlando, Florida

. Director of Accounts Bill Nelson (pictured) judged the District 3 competition, an area of 12 advertising clubs in Virginia, North and South Carolina

. Partner and Brand Director David Sadowski judged the competition in Tampa Bay, Florida

In 2021, the ADDYs looked a little different than normal. Instead of judging in person, the ADDY entries were reviewed virtually and each judge was given a week to review about 300 entries.

“Judging went smoothly for all of us. We thought that the individual clubs did a great job making the virtual process easy,” said Bradley. “We were able to form a camaraderie with the other judges, but it wasn’t the same as meeting them in person. We all missed the dinners and the after-hours fun.”

The ADDYs have many different categories that the judges rate such as full marketing campaigns, branding and identity, television, radio and print ads, collateral, digital, websites, videos, illustration, apps, and more. Each entry is given a rating between 1-100 and are then entered into a pool where everything is averaged. At the end of the week, the judges again meet virtually to discuss which entries were the best and then give out the awards, including Silver ADDY, Gold ADDY and Best of Show awards.

“As judges, we look for solid concepts and exceptional creative execution. We’re looking for who’s able to push the boundaries and who has that big idea,” Sadowski (pictured) said. “Plus, it’s always great to see what is going on in other markets and it expands our own thinking. When we discussed our individual experiences, we all felt that the work that Swim does could compete anywhere.”

The final national level of the American Advertising Awards will be held virtually on June 11, 2021. Click here to learn more about the ADDY competition.

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