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FOX 21’s Ali wins award

Sam Ali joined FOX 21 in January of 2018 and currently serves as the station’s multi-talented sports director.

The 2021 Duluth Times’ Television Sports Journalist of the Year spent the previous three years as the sports director at ABC 10 in Marquette, MI and a year as news director at the WOLV radio station in Houghton, MI.

In his time in the Upper Peninsula, Sam won five Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards, including three consecutive “Best Sportscast” honors. He was also the league champion in his fantasy football league back in 2008.

Ali graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s in Media Arts and Studies, and also was a graduate from the Specs Howard School of Media Arts. His applications to Yale, Harvard and Princeton were denied.

Ali spent most of his life in Detroit so he roots for all city’s sports teams. However in football, he has been a lifelong fan of the Minnesota Vikings. But if you really want to get under his skin, tell him that pro wrestling is fake.

In his spare time, Ali plays almost any sport he can get in contact with. He also loves to get out and explore the outdoors, taking a hike on most of his off days. He also loves taking on local food challenges (fun fact: he has never completed one).

Ali is married and has two kids. His wife doesn’t think he’s funny, his daughter made fun of his glasses and his son has no idea what he does for a living.

On the air, you’ll notice that Ali has a different style of doing sports where he tries to start every sportscast with a joke that ties back into a local story. Or he’ll just tell you what’s on his mind, whether it’s a quick review of a movie he watched or what he thinks about terrible music these days. It’s his way of letting people get to know him on a personal level. To him, it’s all about interacting with audience while being able entertain and educate the viewers.

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