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Quote Me: Sandelin on DU victory


“Well, a good thing it was a three-period game. No, I thought Ryan Fanti had an outstanding game for us, kept us within distance. Our first 40 minutes wasn’t good, but that’s what a team like Denver does to you, they don’t give you a lot of room and we didn’t respond very well. We had spurts but they were carrying the play. And he had made some big saves, and we were fortunate it was one, nothing going on the third and we talked about that [inaudible] one-goal game and got to go win the third period, and a power-play came through again and we got a big win. So last two nights, it’s been our power play in the third period that’s carried us, but we got to start putting together more of a 60-minute game as we go along here.”

On the play of sophomore goaltender Ryan Fanti, specifically: “The first period, [inaudible] I looked up, I think they only had four shots, but three of them were point-blank. They were great chances and then he made the saves, and that probably gave him confidence, too. But he was seeing the puck well and he did play with a lot of poise and calmness. I thought our team wasn’t playing with that calmness like we need to, and he was, thank god. But, again, it’s a great sign. It’s something I talked about last night. Hopefully, the Omaha game, [inaudible] getting that under his belt and winning, it was a good confidence builder for him. This should be another one. And certainly, for our team, it’s a good confidence builder to see him play that way.”

On the Bulldogs’ power-play: “Yeah, for a while it wasn’t sharp. But again it’s a two-minute power-play and those guys converted certainly at the end. And I think after that, the second one, they were feeling pretty good. They were confident. We threw them back out there and we got another quick one. So, it’s basically four of the five guys from our top, even last year, that have played together and they have a lot of creativity and chemistry together. So, they’ve come through at the right time, which is critical. You need to either get momentum off a power player or score a goal. And obviously, we needed to score a goal. And we fortunately got two, but those guys have done this before together and hopefully, they’ll continue to do well and have success. But it was the timeliness of the goals, both nights. That’s what we had in mind when he was coming in here and we felt he could do the job. And we also talked about five forwards at some point. So obviously Cole’s (Koepke) not on there, but he could be on there. But you got to let a player like him [inaudible] young guys to be in those situations. He certainly is a guy that we recruited to… that we looked at as a power-play guy. He reminds me a lot of Mikey Anderson out there as far as [inaudible] plays and he’s got good poise out there and sees the ice well. I think he saw that in the last two games here.”

On Kaiser’s play on the penalty-kill in the final moments of the game: “Yeah, good. I think he gave him a little business in the second period when he made a little bit of a mistake too, but that’s all learning. [inaudible] back out there and it was important. Obviously, Louie is an important part there at the end. But no, you’ve got to put guys in those situations and he’s learning on the fly here. And I think his first two games, he’s learning what college hockey is all about. Obviously, we saw a very good team tonight too, a little different pace and a different style. But he’s had a couple of really good games and I think he’s done a good job in all those situations.”

On defeating No. 4 Denver: “You know what, again, going into this, everybody was excited and talking about taking it a game at a time, because you don’t know, right. And I was probably a little more worried about the fatigue factor. I think at times that was the case, though we got a little momentum. But, again, hopefully, this whole… It’s like a season, right? Everything’s a process, you take it in stride, and you keep learning and trying to get better every game. And tonight, I thought there were some parts that weren’t very good, and Denver will do that to you, because, like I said before, they don’t give you a lot of time and space. But we’ve got to continue to work on areas of our game to get better, just like you do if you’re starting in October. And it’s nice to get the two wins, and the guys should feel good about that. But you’ve got to turn the page here and move on to the next one and prepare, and hopefully, again, be a better team. We might not win the next game, but we could play better. So at the end of it, you move on a win, but it’s still a process to try to develop your team.”

On the Bulldogs’ itinerary moving forward, leading up to Sunday’s game against Miami: “Well, we’ll skate tomorrow, just probably a light skate. Friday, I think we have an early morning skate, so a lot of our guys are still in school and have class, so that’s probably going to be optional. And then we’ll have a good practice Saturday before we play Miami on Sunday.”

Another Perspective
Legendary Duluth East hockey coach Mike Randolph on the Bulldogs’ strong start: “I’ve watched both games and like everything I’ve seen so far. They’re a typical (Scott) Sandelin-coached Bulldogs team and they’ve come out of the shoot playing really well. They find a way to win, getting scoring from the guys who should score and have been excellent on special teams. Probably the surprise for everybody is the goaltender who has had two great outings. I’ve particularly paid attention to Wyatt Kaiser, the true freshman from Andover and who looks a lot like (Scott) Perunovich. He’s been very, very impressive and is going to be a dandy. We knew how good he was because we played against him, and he’s a special talent.”

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