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Duluth Police arrest robbery suspect on 1st degree aggravated robbery

At approximately 4:03 p.m. Monday, Duluth Police responded to the report of a robbery that had taken place at the Northland Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.

The victim reported that he was robbed after a male suspect threatened him with a machete and took his backpack. The victim was able to take pictures of the suspect and shared them with police.

Officers recognized the individual and were able to locate him while he was riding a bike. The suspect fled on foot to avoid officers and entered a wooded area by Duluth Bethel, just off the 100 block and Mesaba Avenue.

While on a rocky outcropping, officers were able to engage the suspect in conversation, and after some time, he agreed to come down. With the help of the Duluth Fire Department, who provided a ladder to reach the suspect and bring him down to the ground, Duluth Police took the suspect into custody without incident. Police were also able to recover and return the stolen backpack to the victim.

Chase Dayton Covington, an 18-year-old male, was lodged at the St. Louis County Jail for 1st degree aggravated robbery.

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