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Huskies lift Covid restrictions


As the Duluth Huskies look to improve their 2-5 record, their success in blocking out Covid-19 cannot be overlooked. With zero Covid cases linked to Wade Stadium, team general manager Greg Culver and owner Mike Rosenzweig have decided to start lifting Covid restrictions early.

Starting June 8 against the LaCrosse Loggers, the team’s mandatory mask mandate will be uplifted and fans will be encouraged to wear masks. The most notable change that fans can look forward to is a full capacity stadium. The Huskies are currently operating at a limited capacity by only allowing 900 fans, 150 per section, at the home games. Beginning June 14, the Huskies will allow their total capacity at 3,365 people within the stadium.

“With zero Covid cases linked to Wade, we feel comfortable to open things up early and reach our end goal of taking walk-up crowds for food and drink by June 24,” Culver said.

However comfortable the Huskies are with opening up to total stadium capacity, there are still a few concerns regarding staffing and Covid-19.

“We will still keep some protocols in place regarding the players’ and fan interactions, and encouraging fans to still wear a mask when in close quarters with others,” Culver said.

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