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Grand Marais Rec park numbers up

By Brian Larsen
May business has been booming at the Grand Marais Rec Park, reports Parks and Recreation Director Dave Tersteeg.

“Preliminary numbers suggest a revenue surge of 40 percent versus May 2019. We were effectively closed in May of 2020.”

Tersteeg noted that several seasonal sites held by Canadians (who do not store their campers onsite) have been filled with road contractors and other seasonal workers. As long as the border between Canada and the U.S is closed, no Canadians have been able to come to use their sites.

The park office is now open for business and there is no mask requirement for staff or guests. Tersteeg also added that all four bath houses were now open without COVID-19 related restrictions.

The first phase of the Parkside water access will begin soon. The dog pound and old city garage will be taken down and removed this summer and the new breakwall will be installed. Next summer the parking lot and boat ramp will be installed. “Expect heavy truck traffic through the park (down 8th Avenue) when large boulders are brought in to reconstruct the break wall,” Tersteeg said. “The break wall work will be completed by October.”

“The public water access next to the Coast Guard station will be the only launch in town this season.”

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