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ASICS, Grandma’s Marathon offer live runner tracking

For anyone hoping to keep close track of particular participants at the 45th annual Grandma’s Marathon weekend, ASICS has the perfect solution.

Through the Grandma’s Marathon app, available on Apple and Android devices, family and friends can follow their favorite runners from the start to the finish on race day with the simple click of a button. To download the app, search “Grandma’s Marathon” in the app store of the device you plan to use for tracking on race day. The live runner tracking platform can also be accessed on a web browser by clicking here.

The tracking system, made possible through the support of ASICS, allows spectators to enter the name(s) or bib number(s) of any participant they want to track in either Grandma’s Marathon or the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. Participants will be tracked at various checkpoints along the racecourse, including the finish line.

“This is a great tool for our spectators because it allows them to track, essentially in real-time, where their family or friends are along the course,” Marketing & PR Director Zach Schneider said. “With a point-to-point race like ours, it’s sometimes difficult to see a particular participant more than once or twice during the race, and this makes it easier to know where they are and when to expect them at certain points.”

There can be limited coverage at some of the more remote areas of the course, so there may be delays in the tracking information throughout the day. Information about where particular participants are along the course will be provided as soon and as often as possible.

The Grandma’s Marathon app can be downloaded at any time, but tracking map will not be live until the morning of the race on Saturday, June 19.

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