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Minnesota Slip Bridge to have special hours of operation on Saturday, June 19

The City of Duluth will be issuing special hours of operation for the Minnesota Slip Bridge on Saturday, June 19, from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. The special hours are due to many Grandma’s Marathon events taking place at Bayfront Park and an expected increase in pedestrian traffic crossing the bridge.

The bridge will open at quarter past the hour and three-quarters past the hour for boat traffic. This schedule will allow any vessel exiting the Minnesota Slip to make the lifting schedule for the Aerial Lift Bridge. The lifting schedule for the Aerial Lift Bridge will remain the same, lifting at the top and bottom of the hour for pleasure craft and as needed for all commercial vessels.

This schedule has been posted on all of the gates going into the marina to alert vessel owners.

The Minnesota Slip Bridge will return to regular lift hours of operation on Sunday, June 20.

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