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Duluth Fall Wedding Show returns with new look

DULUTH — Lundeen Productions, creators of numerous regional expos, has announced its all-new Duluth Fall Wedding Show on Sunday, September 19 in the Lake Superior Ballroom at the DECC.

“When we presented our rescheduled Duluth Wedding Show last March we implemented a number of new features to make the event safe and compliant with government guidelines at the time,” said Tracy Lundeen, Lundeen Productions president. “Turns out that some of the pandemic-friendly policies worked out so well we are moving forward with them at our Duluth Fall Wedding Show.”

The Duluth Fall Wedding Show is a more intimate spin-off event that gives couples the opportunity for more face-time with wedding experts and vendors.

“Wedding planning and re-planning has become the big topic for the foreseeable future. We think our attendees will be pleased to see the creativity and thoughtfulness our vendors will be continuing at the fall show,” said Kynze Lundeen, Lundeen Productions vice president and producer. “With so many weddings having to be rescheduled in 2020 and early 2021, an opportunity to meet wedding vendors in person is more important now than ever. Meeting vendors face-to-face and getting on their schedule is key. At the show, bridal parties are going to be looking for value and creativity – our vendors are ready with imaginative packages that work for wedding budgets both big and small.”

Kynze Lundeen said this is an important time for new wedding businesses to find their place at the Wedding Show.

“The demand for wedding-related services has increased dramatically with all the postponements so the opportunity for these new businesses is real,” she said.

The Lake Superior Ballroom boasts over 20,000 square feet of space.

“We loved the flow of the March show and have rearranged our entire floor plan. Instead of long rows of vendors, each booth will stand alone with 10 feet of space between them for more display and crowd room,” said Tracy Lundeen. “We’ve also unveiled some innovative registration and entrance procedures and are offering two options to attend with sessions in the morning and afternoon.”

Couples looking forward to planning their wedding at the Duluth Fall Wedding Show can purchase tickets for either the morning or afternoon sessions here.

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