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CherryRoad Media acquires four more newspapers

CherryRoad Media Inc. has grown from one newspaper, the Cook County News-Herald, to five newspapers.

Jeremy Gulban, CEO of CherryRoad Technologies Inc., and CherryRoad Media Inc. recently purchased four newspapers in Arkansas.

In early June, Gulban announced that he had acquired the Flippin Mountaineer Echo, the Marshall Mountain Wave, the Pocahontas Star Herald, and the Clay County Courier.

In explaining to the Arkansas Press Association Publisher Weekly why a New Jersey headquartered technology company would invest in newspapers, Gulban offered, “We made a decision late last year to look at the local newspaper industry because we felt there was a need for an infusion of technology from a supportive side as opposed to a competitive side.”

“As a company, we have a lot of technology tools and platforms that we’ve built, and we want to bring them to the newspaper to improve the digital experience.”

One idea is to create an online marketplace managed by the newspapers.

That said, Gulban emphasized, “We want to keep printing the paper because we recognize that’s what makes it a newspaper. There are people who want to put their hands on it and read it.”

Gulban said the papers would stay focused on local news, with local folks running the operations.

*International Falls is losing their newspaper. Or is it? Stay tuned.

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