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House fire in Duluth overnight

At midnight, the Duluth Fire Department was called to the listed address for the report of a house on fire. Witnesses called in to report that the house was fully involved with fire prior to the arrival of emergency services.

Initial companies arriving on scene found a large amount of fire on an exterior porch at the front of the home. Duluth Police were on scene and communicated that there were two persons living in the home that made their way out on to a porch roof located at the rear of the building.

A Duluth Police Officer was able to retrieve a ladder from the homeowner’s garage and assist Duluth Firefighters in getting the patients down off of the roof. An arriving Duluth Fire company was assigned to locate, remove, and assess the occupants. Both residents were able to walk over to awaiting Mayo Clinic Ambulance crews. They were immediately taken to local hospitals for medical treatment.

The fire had breached the front picture window and did considerable damage to the first floor. A fire company was assigned to extinguish the flames while others were assigned to search the house. A thorough search was conducted by two different fire companies to be sure that there was no one else in the home. It was reported that there were two pet cats living inside the home at the time of the fire. One had been located and was with the residents. The other was found deceased during the search of the house. Another fire company was assigned to assess fire damage and extension.

Fire damage was limited to the exterior front porch and the first floor. Smoke damage was heavy throughout the entire house. Damage estimates to the home are estimated at $75,000. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Any inquiries should be directed to the Duluth Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office.

Duluth Police officers were helpful in communicating that the occupants were out of the house and of their location. Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service quickly arrived on scene to transport patients.

Duluth Fire companies from Miller Hill, UMD and Downtown responded to this incident.

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