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Brighton Beach closed for repairs

By Kate Van Daele
The City of Duluth will temporarily close Brighton Beach (Kitchi Gammi Park) to users beginning today. Construction will begin at that time on the Lakewalk extension through the park.

The Brighton Beach Mini-Master Plan was adopted in August of 2019. The Plan recomends the extension of the Lakewalk, relocation of the road to move it away from the shoreline, and restoration of the shoreline to better endure Lake Superior storms. The initial closure includes all Brighton Beach vehicular and trail access, parking, and amenities including play areas, water access, and pavilions due to construction and heavy equipment usage.

The park is slated to reopen for paddlers, cyclists, and pedestrians in approximately 12 weeks. Motor vehicle access to the park, including parking, will not be restored until the road reconstruction project has been completed in the spring of 2023. Until then, the only access to the park will be via Lake Superior, the Lakewalk, and the Brighton Beach Hiking Trail.

Brighton Beach will close in its entirety in the spring of 2022 due to shoreline restoration, construction, and installation of new park amenities. Due to upcoming short and long-term closures for construction, no events, programming, or reservations will be scheduled to take place at Brighton Beach until spring of 2023 at the earliest.

Photo Credit: City of Duluth Parks & Recreation

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