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Essentia Health makes it easier to track medications

By Anthony Matt
Essentia Health is launching a new service called SyncPack, a custom medication-packaging option that will make it easier for patients who take multiple medications and at different times throughout the day.

The packaging will securely organize medications by date and time in individual compartments. This makes it easier for patients by eliminating bottles.

Anyone who takes medications at different times throughout the day, or uses two or more medications, qualifies for the SyncPack. There is no cost associated with this new packaging.

The new service will be offered starting Aug. 30. To sign up, contact your local Essentia pharmacy or call (844) 380-5642. Our pharmacy teams will work with you to synchronize your medications and determine when, where and how you will receive your medications. They will also call a week before your medications are due to make sure there are no changes to when and how you take your medications.

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