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Team North High School Boys Hockey Elite Hockey League Roster

The 2021 Team North (Kowalski) roster in the Upper Midwest High School Elite League:

G — Miles Gunderson, Grand Rapids junior
G — Jacob Walsh, Cloquet senior
D — Beau Janzig, Hermantown junior
D — Easton Young, Grand Rapids senior
D — Grant Winkler, Duluth East junior
D — Jack Glockle, Hermantown senior
D — Ren Morque, Grand Rapids senior
D — Ty Hanson, Hermantown junior
D — Sam Sterle, Grand Rapids senior
F — Connor McClure, Duluth Denfeld senior
F — Cooper McClure, Duluth Denfeld senior
F — Garett Drotts, Grand Rapids senior
F — Wyatt Carlson, Hermantown junior
F — Kaden Nelson, Grand Rapids senior
F — Dominic Thomas, Hermantown senior
F — Justin Kerr, Grand Rapids senior
F — Henry Sterle, Grand Rapids senior
F — Brock Schultz, East Grand Forks sophomore
F — Max Plante, Hermantown sophomore
F — Joey DelGreco, Grand Rapids senior
F — Simon Davidson, Duluth Denfeld senior
F — Hayden DeMars, Grand Rapids senior
F — Cole Christian, Duluth East junior
F — Andy Larson, Duluth Denfeld junior

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