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Superior Street reopens today

The Superior Street Reconstruction Project will be complete later today. The final portion of the project that has been under construction since June 21 will reopen to vehicular traffic by the end of the day.

The $31.5 million projects began in 2018, which was to replace one of Duluth’s oldest streets. The project, which replaced the iconic bricks on the street’s surface, also replaced utilities that dated back to the 1880s. The project also converted its 1932 steam heating system to a more efficient hot water distribution system.

“In the first phase of the project, it was amazing the things we found during the construction,” said Duncan Schwensohn, City of Duluth Senior Engineer and lead on the project. “We found everything from trolley tracks to vaults that were never documented — our team learned a lot from this project.”

The project stretched from the 600 block of West Superior Street to the 400 block of East Superior Street. The project was originally planned to take three phases over three years but was stretched to a fourth and final year to finish a one-block portion of Phase II and another portion of Phase III. Rainy and cold weather played a part in the delays, in addition to unexpected findings and conditions below the surface.

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