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Non-profit launches new podcast for caregivers

Local Duluth nonprofit Duluth Aging Support is rolling out The Northland Caregiver, a new podcast for family caregivers in the Northland looking for helpful information and advice on safely and effectively caring for aging family members, friends and themselves.

The monthly show covers valuable topics related to aging and caregiving from Dr. Mary Lou Donovan, a Registered Occupational Therapist and Owner and CEO of Positive Dementia Paths.

In addition to working with caregivers and older adults with dementia, Dr. Donovan has also taught at an Occupational Therapy program at a master’s level for 20 years and published work in peer-reviewed journals on dementia caregiving and college-level interdisciplinary work.

“As a person begins to experience a cognitive and physical decline with age, family caregivers may not know how to effectively and safely handle challenging behaviors of the individual they’re caring for,” said Dr. Donovan. “The podcast format makes it easier for busy caregivers to tune in from anywhere so that they can learn more about aging issues and provide the best level of care, including caring for themselves along the way.”

To learn more, visit or subscribe to The Northland Caregiver on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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