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Duluth Police Department releases final strategic plan report

By Mattie Hjelseth
The Duluth Police Department today released a final summary of actions that were taken to achieve the Strategic Plan Initiative, which was a plan that started in 2016.

The Duluth Police Department hired the firm of Perme and Associates to facilitate a Strategic Plan Initiative in 2016. Multiple input sessions from the community and staff at DPD were conducted, which was the most encompassing community input campaign the Duluth Police Department has ever done.

“After over 50 focus group sessions with the community and our staff, we were able to create Duluth Police Department’s Mission Statement, Values, and Core Beliefs,” said Chief Mike Tusken. “We also set aspirational goals to meet the community’s expectations and needs of the police department.”

The report states a few recommendations DPD can do to better serve not only the community but also DPD’s staff. Those include being more efficient in our online reporting system, completing the department’s wellness policy, and continuing to engage with the public.

“Our work on the strategic plan is an organizational success and at the same time, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation that is ever-changing with the needs of our community,” said Chief Tusken. “The department is determined to accomplish these recommendations to continue to provide a safe Duluth for all.”

Published in City of Duluth News

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