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Kitchen fire today at Pier B Resort Hotel

By Matt Johnson and Kate Van Daele
A local Duluth hotel experienced $75,000 in damage due to a fire in its kitchen. Just before 5:00 p.m., the Duluth Fire Department was dispatched to Pier B Resort Hotel located at 800 Railroad Street for an automatic alarm.

While responding it was reported that there was a fire in the kitchen and people were evacuating. Once on scene, crews saw black smoke from the roof of the four-story hotel and the building was being evacuated.

Crews advanced hoselines into the building and found fire in the Silo’s Restaurant kitchen. The fire had extended to the ductwork and to the roof. More hoselines were advanced to the roof and the fire was extinguished.

Crews worked for over an hour and a half to locate any fire extension, monitored the temperature around the ductwork, and continued to spray water from the roof access to ensure that all hotspots were out.

Crews remained on scene to remove a lot of water from the kitchen and the first floor.

Damage to the kitchen and building is estimated at $75,000. The Silo’s Restaurant will be closed until further notice.

No one was injured from or as a result of the fire. All guests were allowed to go back to their rooms after hotel staff were given the all clear.

Crews from Headquarters, Lincoln Park, and Spirit Valley responded to the call.

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