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Duluth Times Daily Notebook: Saturday, Dec. 11

Quote Me, Howie

Greg Grell, Live Production Lead at WDSE, on the COVID impact on the station:

“When COVID-19 hit our region in March of 2020, most WDSE employees began working from home, with the exception of the master control operators who kept our five digital channels on the air. It was a monumental change to our workflow and required a lot of flexibility from our staff, but we made the transition while making changes to our live shows to accommodate COVID protocols.

We immediately saw the need for getting more accurate and timely information to the public regarding the pandemic. So we added a dozen additional Doctors on Call programs to our spring 2020 schedule, which dealt exclusively with the latest updates on COVID and answered viewer questions live on the air. These programs were very well received by the public and many viewers praised the effort.

Community engagement remained high and viewers continued their generous support for WDSE throughout the pandemic. It was necessary to invest in new technology to weather the storm of COVID, as we found new ways of working and provided home editing systems to our videographers and producers.

To this day, employees are working on a hybrid schedule and many contiunue to work from home whenever possible. We have instituted strong internal protocols with staff and require masks in our building. We also have altered the way we do our live studio productions to provide additional physical distancing on our studio sets.

We’ve also put an extra emphasis on local arts programming to make things more accessible for folks who still have not been able to get out due to the pandemic.”

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