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Duluth Times Daily Notebook: Monday, Dec. 13

Quote Me, Howie

Mark Labovitz, reflecting on his legendary father, Joel:

“We lost my father, Joel, in February yet his voice is easily and often present as I hear the news or review a daily sales report and an aphorism or quote will come to mind. He read a lot and took guidance from diverse texts. The best approach to an important decision was ‘don’t kid yourself …’ and ‘do the right thing.’ On the eve of big work or budgets I also like to recall a statement Joel’s father Maurice attributed to Joel, ‘You‘d be surprised at what people can accomplish when they have to …’.

He was generous in his ability to trust people and would constructively acknowledge but not fixate on mistakes made in a well-intentioned context. It was easy to learn from watching because he was a great story teller and could explain why he did what he did.

Joel’s best advice – ‘Live life forward.’ Losing Joel in the context of these difficult years makes clear this is just what we have to do.”

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