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Quote Me, Howie: Mimi Stender

Duluth Aging Support Founder/President Mimi Stender on supporting older adults and caregivers in the Northland:

“Duluth Aging Support recognizes the aging and caregiving experience is different for everyone. That’s why we’re doing our part to make growing older and caring for aging community members a positive experience full of meaning and joy. Since launching in January of 2021, we’ve provided valuable support for older adults and caregivers in the Northland community through our online Resource Directory and collaborative partnerships with organizations like Age Well Arrowhead, Family Freedom Center, Zeitgeist, and Mentor North. We’ve also recently launched The Northland Caregiver podcast and the Northland Diversity in Aging Series to ignite meaningful conversations about aging and caregiving and strengthen ties between generations, neighborhoods, and sectors to bring a stronger community together. And we invite you to join the conversation as we age and care for one another together.

A project that is very special to Duluth Aging Support, produced in collaboration with Essentia Health, St. Luke’s, Zeitgeist Center for Arts and Community, Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, The Victory Fund, is a video of appreciation for the caring community members of the Northland Region of Minnesota and Wisconsin. This powerful video, titled ‘Sunrise,’ expresses immense gratitude for neighbors who help neighbors, members of service and support teams, volunteers, front-line workers, and healthcare workers – in short, community members that provide care and support for others. Featured throughout the video are photos of community members in action from across the Arrowhead region of Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin. In addition, singer-songwriter Alyssa Lazar of Nashville, Tennessee, wrote the original song called ‘Sunrise’ specifically for the caring community members of the Northland to use for this project.

The organizations behind the Sunrise Caring Community Appreciation Video would like to encourage community members from across our region to view and share the video. For all the community members who are helping to improve the lives of others – this video is meant for you – thank you!

To view this just-released video, click here.”

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