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Quote Me, Howie: Wayne Whitwam

Wayne Whitwam, on serving as superintendent of Hermantown Community Schools:

“My time in Hermantown has been amazing. The members of the school board are intelligent, professional and down to earth. They are outstanding representatives of the Hermantown community. The staff in the district truly want what is best for students and consistently putting in extra effort to make things work. Parents are supportive, willing to help and wanting to be involved. The students are respectful, empowered and resilient.

Covid has diverted some of our attention and forced us to be flexible and reactive. I am looking forward to focusing on high quality professional development for staff that will provide the tools and systems for continuous improvement. In fact, this summer the entire administrative team will be attending a national PLC (Professional Learning Community) conference. Then in August, a trainer will be on site to work with all teachers in the district to develop a model for continuous school improvement. I feel very confident that we have the people in place to move this district forward.

Nobody could have predicted the challenges that the community would have to navigate with Covid. Hermantown will continue to look forward, utilize best practices and respond to student needs.”

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